Weave Identity Year 1 or What just happened?!


So LinkedIn informed me that Weave’s 1st birthday came and went. A year?! Really? Well as we all know social networks don’t lie 😉

It’s been a whirlwind… especially when you through in a very compressed Identiverse on top of that too.

Definitely there have been touch and go moments – moments of self-doubt – but overall I have absolutely loved the journey. The opportunity that I have been granted to look so broadly across the industry has been truly amazing. It continues to reinforce just how little I understand… and, for me, that is incredibly energizing. There is so much more I can learn; so many ways I can grow.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to help such amazing companies. I’m even more grateful for the opportunity to help such special people. To everyone at my portfolio of clients – THANK YOU!

What’s next for Weave? Well, last week at Identiverse and this week at EIC will certainly help inform that. I’ve got some ideas about where things are headed the world of identity and I’ll continue to curate my portfolio… skating to where the puck will be! Once I stop moving I’ll start unpacking some of the ideas from these weeks… stay tuned!

Deepest thanks to everyone who has supported me on this journey… not just this last year but all the little things throughout my career. This industry is additive. Progress is layers of great people building atop on another’s work. I’m the beneficiary of the work and presences of so many great people… just hope I am giving enough back to earn what I’ve received!