Identity in the C-Suite? The Role of the Chief Identity Officer


The idea of a chief digital identity officer role has been kicking around in my head for well over a year. As Andi and I were talking about this year’s Identiverse, it became clear that the time was right to bring this notion to the big stage and start a meaningful conversation. We put together an amazing group of people to join in:

To say I was thrilled to be on the same stage as these amazing people is a heck of an understatement. Heidi is a long-time friend, near-ish neighbor, and we used to work together at Gartner. Heather holds a special place in my history as an identity practitioner: she introduced me to the patent process and was kind enough to ask me to help on a patent for federated provisioning many (many) years ago.

As I talked about on the Identity at the Center podcast, I have gone back and forth on my opinion as to whether a Chief Digital Identity Officer role would be impactful / is needed / realistic. My fellow panelist had a range of convincing opinions!