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Recent Thoughts and Media Appearances

  • Tactical ZSP chat with Alex Bovee
    I first met Alex of ConductorOne a few weeks ago at Identiverse. We were on an Identity at the Center podcast together and hit it off. We caught back up last week to continue our conversation. We were talking a bit more tactically about how to actually implement zero standing privilege… and it was a… Read more: Tactical ZSP chat with Alex Bovee
  • Four Components for Modern Identity
    Over the past six months, I’ve been rethinking identity and access management (IAM) market definitions. Previously clear boundaries between identity governance, administration, and access management have become blurred. This post is an exploration of a modern IAM framework, focusing on Policy, Orchestration, Execution, and Data. These components reflect new market dynamics, emphasizing capabilities over traditional categories and laying the groundwork for future discussions and industry feedback.
  • Keynote: The Role of Counselors and Applied Identity
    The speaker reflects on the limited progress in the identity and access management (IAM) industry despite extensive efforts and resources. Emphasizing “applied identity management,” they introduce the concept of “counselors,” AI-driven digital agents that manage credentials, data, and privacy preferences to achieve practical outcomes. The talk underscores the importance of utilizing existing tools effectively to address real-world challenges.