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Recent Thoughts and Media Appearances

  • Ceremonies
    Each of us perform countless ceremonies throughout our days. Those series of acts the perform with steps prescribed by ritual or convention. This is true in both the the analog and digital worlds. But when it comes to how we are known to others, the ceremonies that we do in in the digital world differ greatly from those in the analog world… and that leads to real problems.
  • Identity in the C-Suite? The Role of the Chief Identity Officer
    The idea of a chief digital identity officer role has been kicking around in my head for well over a year. As Andi and I were talking about this year’s Identiverse, it became clear that the time was right to bring this notion to the big stage and start a meaningful conversation. We put together … Read more
  • Identiverse Themes with Identity at the Center
    Not only did I get to sit down with Jeff and Jim at the beginning of this year’s Identiverse, I also go to do a more in-depth conversation later in the week. Topics ranged from AI and Identity, the role of a Chief Digital Identity Officer, and much much more. Check out this wide ranging … Read more